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Direct Prefab is a family owned and operated business who provide end-to-end service with design, manufacture and delivery of premium quality Prefabricated Roof Systems, Floor Systems and Wall Frames throughout Victoria.
Delivering projects of all shapes and sizes, we take regular rectangular lengths of wood and reshape them into structures. Turning something basic into something magnificent. Through a process of converting lines on a page to various combinations of blocks, triangles and geometric shapes, we take these puzzle pieces and assemble them into frames and trusses.

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Designed and Engineered:

Adhering to strict design protocols with a strong knowledge base of engineering and familiarity with Building Practice, means compliance with Australian Standards is maintained. Looking beyond these specifications to current and new building trends, our design team monitor building aspects which may adversely impact structural performance, which may not otherwise be predicted in the classical Australian Standards.

Detailed and Certified:

Designs are detailed with clear and concise site documentation to ensure installation onsite follows all design and engineering requirements and Building Inspections are supported in complying the construction.
Projects are fully documented and certified with site layouts, connection reports, specific building details and detailed computations; our designer engineers are also available over the phone and email to support the site installation team throughout the build.

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Access to Expertise:

Providing a great product also comes with advice and experience. Understanding cost and time inefficiencies, recognising design faults and issues provides a positive basis for collaborating with our Clients; from early stages of planning and estimating to the final stages of site delivery and installation, we support project delivery with knowledge and on-ground experience to build efficiently.

Access to Tools

Having access to various tools to assist with on-site design collaboration. Access to downloadable handbooks and detailed guidelines for our truss and frames installations and a state of the art Building Information Modelling (BIM) viewing tool for zooming, measuring and verifying your structural frames.,

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Time and Safety:

Prefabricated Trusses and Wall Frames are delivered to site ready for installation, significantly expediting the framing processes. Overall the process minimises the amount of work performed onsite and work performed at heights - contributing to a safe work site with smaller installation teams and less time onsite.
Off-Site manufacture of Prefabricated Trusses and Wall Frames continues irrespective of site conditions and constraints; at the same time reducing additional overheads associated with Bills of Material take-offs.


Responsible Waste Management:

Prefabricated Framing significantly reduces the accumulation of waste materials associated with 'Stick Framing' - promoting responsible building practice, minimising disposal costs and the unpleasant aesthetic of large amounts of waste materials cluttering the site.
Fabrication in our production facility optimises the use of all materials and makes 'offcut inventory' available for use in the production process of other products and projects.

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Security and Peace of Mind:

Theft is discouraged when Prefabricated Trusses and Wall Frames are delivered to site because 90% or more of the material is already fabricated as a site specific 'finished product'. In contrast to the appeal thieves see in 'packs of timber', loose materials and hardware - prefabricated trusses and frames cannot be easily removed and repurposed.
Inherently the incident and exposure to theft onsite means cascading issues: loss of productivity, increased insurance premiums, loss of trades, and extensions of build times


Sustainable resources:

Each year tiny saplings grow taller and stronger and at the same time efficiently removing and storing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere via photosynthesis. This process continues efficiently for around 30 years when rate of grown slows and the rate of carbon capture curbs. FSC Harvested Timber harnesses Plantation Grown Trees, providing a renewable source of our Structural Timber and a permanent Carbon offset for the construction process.

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pathway between treesby Marina Reich

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Ethics & Business


To build collaborative relationships and maintain integrity with a core foundation of quality product and service that meets the calibre of expectation we would expect to receive ourselves.

  • Honesty: We maintain honest and ethical business practices in all relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Respect: We pay attention to the treatment of all stakeholders, providing them with respect and consideration, including clients, employees, suppliers, and community members.
  • Continuous Improvement: We build on a continuous improvement ethos in our operations, processes, practises, knowledge and expertise through collaboration and working through challenges in a team. This further drives investing in our people, technology, resources and taking on all feedback from clients and employees.
  • Accountability: Take responsibility for actions and decisions and expecting the same ownership over actions and decision from stakeholders, suppliers and employees. This includes owning up to mistakes and taking steps to correct them, as well as being accountable for respective outcomes.
  • Compliance: Maintain compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. This includes OH&S Standards, environmental regulations, product and service standards and other legal requirements.
  • Fair Treatment: Treat all employees and stakeholders fairly, without discrimination or bias.
Continuous Improvement
Fair Treatment
Honesty and Transparency