Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

Direct Prefab design, engineer and manufacture Prefabricated Roof Trusses and Architectural Trusses for Residential and Commercial applications. Our experience, design methodology and value-add approach foster a close working relationship with the client and construction team to ensure all aspects of building design and construction requirements are considered throughout the process of setout, design, documentation, manufacture and delivery of each Roof System.

Our 'Whole-Of-House' design approach builds an interactive CAD model which details and visualises all building details, combining information from working drawings, structural documentation, building details and relevant Australian Standards in a single CAD model. Collaboration on the Whole-Of-House model provides a unique opportunity for us to highlight and mitigate building design failures, problem solve issues and illustrate any aspect of the build prior to commencing construction onsite. Our engineers are trained and fully versed in leveraging the capabilities of the most advanced software in the industry to achieve faster, smarter and accurate results.

"There’s nothing better than knowing the roof of your project will stand up to the elements well before it’s ever put to the test."

Roof Trusses that 'stand the test of time' start with utilising industry leading MiTek Sapphire Software with the proven quality and reliability of MiTek 'GangNail' and Engineered Building Products. From the simplest to the most creative architectural designs, our Truss Engineering and Design team utilises the most advanced design tools available to implement engineering requirements and any special design criteria (such as, Attic and Void Spaces for Fan Coil Units, Dynamic Loading, Roof Mounted appliances and services, Cantilever Projections, and so on), accurately recognising computing stresses factors and concentrations throughout the Roof - ensuring all Timber Roof Truss System Designs meet and exceed Australian Engineering and Safety Standards.

Our Timber Roof Truss Systems are brought to life though the manufacturing and production process; designed and engineered truss components are collated and optimised through CNC processing saws and assembled in a controlled environment. Accuracy and design specifications are consistently maintained through transfer of digitised designs to the Precision CNC Assembly Jigs and monitoring via CAD projection systems.

Why choose prefabricated trusses?

One thing is clear: prefabrication is changing the way the building industry operate, and those who don't adapt risk falling behind.

Direct Prefab Trusses' make the job easy for the builder and installer.


Designed and Engineered to the highest industry standard:

Maintaining strict design requirements and a strong knowledge base of engineering means our designers maintain compliance with Australian Standards, but also look beyond these specifications to current and new building trends which may adversely impact design, not otherwise accounted for in the classical Australian Standards.

Unlimited roof design flexibility and possibilities:

Virtually any roof profile and design can be detailed, visualised in 3D, designed by our truss engineers and fabricated with absolute precision - providing our clients the opportunity to simplify architectural elements with practical design that leverages our knowledge and structural design capabilities across prefabricated Roof Systems.

Building Efficiency for Time & Cost Savings:

Advanced Design and Manufacturing processes in a controlled environment; materials are optimised for their specific use to produce significantly less waste; labour and energy resource inputs are utilised more efficiently through streamlined production and manufacturing process and simultaneously eliminating incorrect use of material onsite; accuracy and precision of prefabrication in a controlled environment mitigates errors onsite and provides detailed documentation onsite for installation and compliance.

Designed for Peace of Mind:

Designed and Built to exacting specifications, Roof Trusses are individually coded to correlate directly to the site installation layout - eliminating the need for material planning and potential for errors made in interpretation of Engineering plans or incorrect cutting onsite.

Responsible and Waste Efficient:

Prefabricated Floor Trusses efficiently utilise the core strengths of conventional Structural Framing Timber; significantly reducing the requirements of energy and resource inefficient production of I-Beams - made from Laminated Veneer Timbers, Oriented Strand Boards and Petroleum Glues.
Supporting conventional Structural Framing with Timber Floor Trusses provides direct support to local production of Structural Framing and promotes sustainable material usage.

Manufactured from sustainable resources:

Each year tiny saplings grow taller and stronger and at the same time efficiently removing and storing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere via photosynthesis. This process continues efficiently for around 30 years when the growth rate slows and the rate of carbon capture curbs. FSC Harvested Timber harnesses Plantation Grown Trees, providing a renewable source of our Structural Timber and a permanent Carbon offset for the construction process.