Mitek Guide Edition 2

The MiTek Guide is a quick reference handbook designed to assist in the determination of the relevant MiTek fasteners and bracing products which comply with Australian Standards AS1684 and AS4440. It is also the best way to ensure the structural integrity of a building is not being compromised by the use of inappropriate or poorly manufactured building products.

MiTek Guide for Roof Truss Installation

The MiTek Guide for Roof Truss Installaion is a manual designed to assist the installation of our trusses on site and is not intended to replace the need of reference AS 4440. The installation of prefabricated timber trusses is covered by the Australian Standard AS 4440 "Installation of NailPlated Timber Trusses".

PosiStrut Floor and Roof Installation Manual

This manual provide instructions and guidelines to assist in ensuring proper installation, serviceability and structural integrity of the Posi-Strut products.